Koho Pono Outreach 1200 Homes

Koho Pono, the voter education campaign of Ka Lāhui Hawaiʻi Political Action Committee, has reached 12oo homes so far in the Papakōlea, Waimānalo, Kaʻaʻawa and Hauʻula Communities.  The next communities that will be visited are in Kapōlei, Nānākuli and Waiʻanae.  Check the schedule of canvassing dates on this website regularly for updates.

The overall response from the community regarding the report cards have been positive.  The Koho Pono campaign plans to visit every Hawaiian Homestead community on Oʻahu and are still looking for more sponsors to help print report cards.  If you would like to donate please email klhpoliticalactioncommittee@gmail.com.

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