KPAC submitted 28 written testimonies on 21 measures this legislative session.

2018 Legislative Education Campaigns

  • ‘Ōlelo O Ka Pae ‘Āina – KPAC monitored and educated the public on bills in support of the Native language of this land.  However, all Hawaiian Language bills died, including SB2867 (requiring Hawaiian translators in the judiciary), despite hundreds of testimonies submitted in support.
  • Aloha Mauna Kea – This year KPAC worked closely with the Mauna Kea Hui in opposing and helping to defeat four pieces of legislation HB1565, HB2564, SB3090, and HB1985 that would have been detrimental to the Mauna by helping to educate the public resulting in the submission of 1,950 testimonies in opposition.
  • Protect Kuleana Lands – KPAC educated the public and Kanaka Maoli regarding  HB860 which would make it harder and less desirable for foreigners to quiet title Kuleana lands.  There were 336 testimonies submitted in support of this measure.  This bill died in conference.
  • Disappearing Trust – KPAC monitored and opposed all bills pertaining to the transferring of Public Lands (most of which are stolen Hawaiian Kingdom Crown and Government Lands) to other State agencies, corporations and entities with no consultation with the Kanaka Maoli people.  Out of the nine bills we opposed seven died and one was vetoed by the Governor of the State of Hawai’i.

Criminal Justice Review by KPAC member Carrie Ann-Shirota

  • The bail reform bills and minimum standards for administrative segregation (aka solitary confinement) died early on.
  • The audit bill died literally at the 9th hour.
  • The Public-Private partnership (P3s) bill died (good decision)
  • Performance Indicator and Youth and Wellness Center bills bill passed, and LEAD (diversion program) was funded.

In summary, most Legislators do not currently view criminal justice reform as a priority. However, MORE Legislators are noticing the growing number of voices from different organizations and individuals advocating for criminal justice reform!

SR42 Protection of ‘Ohikilolo SUPPORT PASSED
SB2919 Public Library leasing to private corp OPPOSE PASSED
SB2237 Issues title of DOE property to Schools OPPOSE PASSED
SB2930 Red Hill Water Tanks SUPPORT DIED
SB2996 Establishes Hawaii Airports Corporation OPPOSE DIED
SB2705 Establishes Office of Public-Private Partnership OPPOSE DIED
SB2782 Protection of DHHL beneficiaries personal info SUPPORT DIED
SB2305 Visitation center for keiki of incarcerated parents. SUPPORT DIED
SB2134 Requires Govt. officials to attend “Native Hawaiian” rights course SUPPORT DIED
SB641 Adds Chair of Hawn Homes Commission to serve as voting member of Commission on Water Resource Management SUPPORT DIED
SB3090 Transfers Mauna Kea summits to the Mauna Kea Management Authority OPPOSE DIED
SB2860 Allows for pretrial Release SUPPORT DIED
SB2687 Provides for Hawaiian translators in Judiciary system SUPPORT DIED
SB2320 Establish undergraduate health science academy to increase recruitment of “Native Hawaiians” in the study of Medicine SUPPORT DIED
HB860 Provides protections for Kuleana land owners SUPPORT DIED
HB2679 Transfers title of Public School property (Public lands) from County to DOE. OPPOSE DIED
HB1999 Require government officials to attend “Native Hawaiian” rights course. SUPPORT DIED
 HR14 Establish visitation centers in state prisons/jails  SUPPORT  DIED
 HB2358 Excludes lands which Public Housing, DOE, Libraries and Hawai’i Health Systems Corporation holds title too from the definition of Public lands.  OPPOSE  DIED
 HB2712 Requires the Department of Health to adopt rules for underground storage tanks.  SUPPORT  DIED
HB1747 Establishes $35 million dollars as the pro rata share to OHA.  SUPPORT  DIED
 HB2464 Requires DHHL to conduct study regarding issuing leases.  SUPPORT  DIED
 HR103 Implement directives from the “Native Hawaiian” Task Force Puuhonua Summit – Comprehensive justice reform.  SUPPORT  DIED

KPAC member, Carrie Ann Shirota, successfully drafted SCR 114/SR71 and HCR115/HR103 which were introduced by Senator Shimabukuro and Representative DeCoite. These Criminal Justice Reform Resolutions urged the full implementation of the recommendations by the Native Hawaiian Task Force, Pu’uhonua Summit and Justice Center in order to reduce the overall inmate population by 25% including the Kanaka Maoli inmate population. Unfortunately, these Resolutions were not heard in committee.

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