O I Pokii nyes u UJEngage, train and empower Kanaka Maoli (aka Native Hawaiians) in the Hawaii State Legislative process by planning ‘Navigating the Legislature’ with a focus on testimony writing community workshops on Oʻahu and neighbor islands and Neighbor Islands .

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  2. Empower Kanaka Maoli by encouraging them to register to vote by providing voterm registration opportunities in their communities.
  3. Monitor and submit testimony in opposition to the transferring of Public Lands which mainly consist of Kanaka Maoli Crown and Government lands out from the Public Land Trust.
  4. Protect Kuleana owners and heirs from dispossession of their land by monitoring legislation, submitting testimony and raising awareness on legislation that affects Kuleana lands.
  5. Monitor Water and Mauna Kea measures.
Position Status
SB212 Provides that a lessee of Hawaiian Homelands may use the value of the lease as collateral for a loan to build a dwelling on the tract of leased land; OPPOSE DIED
SB999 Establishes the Hawaii aerospace development corporation to grow investments and job opportunities in the aerospace industry and for workforce development. OPPOSE DIED
HB2679 Transfers title of Public School property (Public lands) from County to DOE. OPPOSE DIED
HB1999 Require government officials to attend “Native Hawaiian” rights course. SUPPORT DIED
 HR14 Establish visitation centers in state prisons/jails  SUPPORT  DIED