2020 Legislative Accomplishments

  1.  Engage, train and empower Kanaka Maoli (aka Native Hawaiians) in the Hawaii State Legislative process by planning ‘Navigating the Legislature’ with a focus on testimony writing community workshops on Oʻahu and neighbor islands and Neighbor Islands .
  2. Educate Kanaka Maoli and the general public on legislation that impacts Kanaka Maoli and the voting record of elected officials by drafting, printing and distributing the 2020 Legislative Report Card.
  3. Empower Kanaka Maoli by encouraging them to register to vote by providing voter registration opportunities in their communities.
  4. Monitor and submit testimony in opposition to the transferring of Public Lands which mainly consist of Kanaka Maoli Crown and Government lands out from the Public Land Trust.
  5. Protect Kuleana owners and heirs from dispossession of their land by monitoring legislation, submitting testimony and raising awareness on legislation that affects Kuleana lands.
  6. Monitor Water and Mauna Kea measures.