The Ka Lāhui Hawaiʻi Political Action Committee (KPAC) aka Kōmike Kālaiʻāina is a Hawaiian political watchdog organization that was formed to monitor legislation that impacts the Kanaka Maoli (aka Native Hawaiian) people and our National Lands which consists of the Hawaiian Kingdom crown and government lands.  The KPAC is a national committee of Ka Lāhui Hawaiʻi (KLH), an ʻōiwi initiative for Hawaiian self-governance formed by and for Kanaka Maoli without the interference of the State or Federal governments or its agencies. KPAC works with many Hawaiian Organizations and ‘ohana who advocate for Hawaiian Self-Determination and Human Rights set forth in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights o f Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) and International Human Rights Conventions

The purpose of KPAC is to participate to the greatest extent in all State/US processes promoting the national platform of Ka Lāhui Hawaii which includes the return of lands to Kanaka Maoli, termination of wardship advocating for the end of abuses of Kanaka Maoli and our lands, and raising public consciousness about the status of the Kanaka Maoli peoples in our own homeland.

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Monthly meetings: If you are interested in getting involved please contact klhpoliticalactioncommittee@gmail.com.

Committee Members:  Click HERE for information on committee members.

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  1. I’m not for TMT Our Kupuna, kumu and kanaka maoli has fought great battle from generations to higher levels within self obedience is worth visual freedom has been ignored to right of our people aina lands, mountains Wai water 💦 I abused mana, monarch, Aloha one kingdom of Hawaii !!! Warriors you already WON !!! Good of our Hawaiian 🌺 OWI MALAMA is for you !!! I’m taking!!! I’m A Homestead in Hoolehua HI 96729 my vote 🗳 I speak truth set me my family freely !!💡🌺😃

  2. It wasn’t easy to do battles back in 1974 over the ceded lands.

    The eviction of Gail Prejean’s mom from Hawaiian Homestead Papakolea triggered our involvement with AIM, opposition with Inouye, and COHO.
    And yes, Kahoolawe and Public Law 95-341.

    These were not easy years.

    The Chicanos and Zapatistas was helpful.

    Native Americans and Alaskan natives all came to Hawaii including Rigerberto Manchu (sp).

    Uncle Black and his brother started the entire Public Trust on 5(f) back in 1974.

    To go forward one needs to understand how the movement started. And yes, I was there.

    The Stratton Report was one of the battles that needed to be known back in the 1958. This Stratton Report triggered TMT. The Hawaii Organic Act 1900 also was a problem. Then came the Freedom of Religion Public Law 95-341.

    The 1978 Con Con was a huge mess to deal with.

    These were tough years for me.

  3. Aloha ! I submitted some testimony having to do with HB 499 on several issues:
    1. “Intestate Kuleana Lands” leased by BLNR are actually supposed to be released to OHA when the “Draft Kuleana Land Management Plan” is drawn up by OHA and approved by BLNR Land Division. (provided by statute)
    2. All leases should be reviewed for actual owners of property especially Leased Lands inclusive of Royal Patent Grants / Royal Patents with Land Commission Awards subject to
    HRS 172-11 (Law 1872); whereas the rights of the Heirs of the original Awardee inure (forever and always available) even if the Real Estate was alienated. (This involves Discrepancies where Title Guaranty President stated to the press that Hawaii is the only State where the titles are no good.)
    3. Crown lands are subject to a 2/3 legislative vote. (In truth and fact BLNR/State of Hawaii does not own any Crown, Gov’t, or Fort Land. The State of Hawaii must NOT cause permanent prejudism of Hawaiian Nationals from their National lands during Interim Phase…as served to the Supreme Court in Washington.)
    4. As BLNR Land Division once stated, the rights of Native Tenants (Hoa’aina and Maka’ainana) are reserved in the Lands of Hawaii.
    5. All Leases should be examined to see the nature of the business operated there; it must perpetuate the land in righteousness.
    It was unclear if these lease extensions include Military Leases because right now several DoD lease violations have occurred and according NRC Reports for all military bases, Depleted Uranium was used and nearing end of PTA’s lease: the Clean-up Budget is based on “the fair market value of the land.” No Tier II report was made and PTA has not complied with putting RCA (Radiation/Radioactive Containment Areas) Hazard Signs as their lease requires. Live fire should be shot into the RCAs for risk of high temperature fires that can render DU into DU Oxide dust which is extremely hazardous.
    (To be submitted) Many BLNR Leases appear to allow the State free reign with Crown and other types of lands that are involved with DHHL. Thousands of acres are leased to corporations while Hawaiians are dying on the “Waiting List”. The State of Hawaii/DHHL’s leased lands involve “old sugarcane lands” which were removed from available DHHL Homesteading due to the 1920;Hawaiian Homes Commission Act under Section 203. The following lands were not given over to Hawaiians for Homesteading:
    Section 203–a. Watershed Lands
    b. Sugarcane lands
    c. Certificate Lands
    As I’m sure you are aware, the Sugar Industry is defunct in Hawaii. In conversations with Washington and DHHL, the 1920 act could now be amended to include these formally leased lands. Instead, most of the sugar companies merged into C. Brewer who is now Edmund Olson Trust and over 21,000 acres were “liquidated” without clear title. Other recent land dealings with lands in Ka’u (R..P /Royal Patent Grants) were subjected to a $34 Million Exchange Deed. As I am sure you are aware of the letter served on Gov. Ige Nov. 10, 2020 by NLG for compliance to “Laws of the Occupied” and also the United Nations Dr. DeZayas concerning
    collusion by the Judges and especially the Land Court. Because of the known history of the Overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom and the massive Land theft that occurred, now is NOT the time to be extending any leases on Authority of the State. Because of ongoing collusion in the courts and adverse treatment of the Hawaiians/Kanaka Maoli by BLNR Susan Case and other Divisions of State and County whose actions are causing adverse effects upon Hawaiians, the State of Hawaii has amounted to “Violations of Conditions of Statehood” under the Admission Act of 1959 which states if the newly formed State of Hawai’i especially the Judicial does not uphold the Hawaiians Culture and Religion causing Hawaiians to Diminish, then Congress Shall sue the State of Hawaii and Remove their Statehood.
    Additional news: BLNR Language Access Coordinator admitted he “under orders
    from TMT Contested Case Hearings Officer Ricki Mae Amano NOT TO ALLOW
    a Hawaiian Language Interpreter.” which was reported to OLA, OIG/DOI and DOJ.

    Mahalo for all your hard work. Your’s
    Truely Shelley S.. Mahi/Maka’ala Nakoa
    P.S. Any Questions you may contact me by phone: 808-313-2415
    Shelley Mahi
    P.O. Box 711498
    Mt. View, HI. 96771

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