2.  Do you support the transfer/sale of any portion of the 1.8 million acres of “ceded lands” aka stolen Hawaiian lands out of the Department of Land and Natural Resources?

2.  Do you support providing legal protections and property tax exemptions for kuleana land owners?

3.  A lot has changed over the last year we know that some of you may have once supported the building of the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) on Mauna Kea.  The State spent $15 million dollars for law enforcement personnel security for TMT. Do you support the continued funding for “security” for TMT?

4.  Do you believe that there are ways to jump start the local economy post COVID-19 in a sustainable way outside of tourism? 

5.  The diversity of Hawai’i’s nearshore marine life is essential to keeping Hawaii’s coral reefs healthy and resilient against climate change. Do you support protecting Hawai’i’s coral reefs by ending the commercial exploitation of Hawai’i’s nearshore marine life for sale on the global pet trade market?

To download the full responses of the State House Representative Candidates (excel sheet) CLICK HERE.